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Greater Sudbury Book


25 years ago, I had an idea of developing a book about Sudbury in photographs. While researching material for this idea it became clear that a chapter about Sudbury’s early years would be a way to begin….that chapter evolved into my first book titled SUDBURY and published in 1994

Later I was encouraged to produce a second book titled SUDBURY: A Retrospective View. While historic in nature, it contained thirty to forty percent of my photographs and well depicted in the last half of the book. This book was published and released by me in July, 2013.

My dream to produce a contemporary book of photographs has never waned and now has come to fruition…..I hope you enjoy the souvenir book Greater Sudbury. While short on dialogue, each page will illustrate what I consider to be one of the many beautiful areas of Northern Ontario.


Greater Sudbury, the final book in the trilogy about my city! The development of this souvenir book brings to fruition my dreams of presenting Sudbury and all its beauty to you. For too long, this area has been recognized as a moonscape, and I know that Greater Sudbury will quickly change that mindset.

With over 330 lakes gracing the city, it would be impossible to capture them all in photographs. I have selected from my collection, images that encompass the communities that make up Greater Sudbury. I hope you enjoy these wonderful and beautiful images of the city I call home. The choice of this format was intentional – made to be a souvenir for everyone to relish and enjoy.


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Feel free to visit my photography site where I have many of my photos available for purchase.
Ray Thoms Photography

You can still buy my last book on Sudbury by visiting the link below.
Sudbury: A Retrospective View

Listen to Ray on CBC Radio, Talk About His Book


I wish to dedicate this book to the most important ladies in my life….

my wife Jacqueline,  my daughter Samantha, and my granddaughter Julianne.


“Greater Sudbury” , a look at Sudbury today created by my Father…

As a child growing up with a photographer in the family, it was important to preserve family moments, capture them in a photo and cherish it with a memory. As an adult now, I sit and look at our family albums with my own children. They ask questions and I am able to explain our family history and enjoy the stories the photos generate.

I was born and raised in Sudbury. In looking at the two previous Sudbury books (authored by my Father),  it is wonderful to see how our community looked, and how as a city, we developed through time. The photos presented in those two books are invaluable and create memories for everyone lucky enough to be a Sudburian. History is something that enriches our lives and the two previous books will no doubt bring you back in time.

“Greater Sudbury” is about today. This book will be the “history” in the years ahead. It is a book that displays the wonderful community we live in now and what we will all remember in the future proudly. This will be the book our children will remember as their history as they share their stories of  “remember this” or “remember that time when”…

I am proud to present the third installment “Greater Sudbury” by Ray Thoms. Consider this book as your family album. Create memories, share stories and explore this great city. “Greater Sudbury” has so much to offer and has some of the most beautiful scenery in Northern Ontario. Turn the page….see for yourself.




Samantha Sauve

Author’s daughter and proud Sudburian.